Sustainable solutions

Re use of offshore equipment

At Maropol, we think about the environment. We put this into practice as much as possible. Our spearhead in sustainability is the reuse of depreciated buoys, floats, fenders and (dredging) hoses. Depending on the state, these are repaired for a second life in offshore and dredging projects. 

When the material is too damaged for reuse, we dissect the product and the materials are reused separately. In this way we prevent countless plastics from being transported to the incinerators every year.

All buoys, floats, fenders, hoses and other materials from the dredging and offshore industry are offered in our webshop.


Enthousiaste allrounder gezocht!

Enthousiaste allrounder gezocht!

Maropol International is een begrip op het gebied van rubber-, polyester en overige industriƫle kunststoftoepassingen. Deze werkzaamheden worden m...