Pre-used equipment

Plastics in the offshore industry: Pre-used equipment

Maropol has years of experience in repairing and manufacturing buoys, floats and hoses for the dredging and offshore industry. Over the years, we have also built up a stock of dependable pre-used equipment.

Buying pre-used equipment is always a practical solution if you need to replace something temporarily or quickly. Maropol has a big stock of buoys, floats and hoses available for you immediately. You can see the current stock at www.maropol.nl, but of course you can also phone us to pass on your specific requirements. Maropol will solve your equipment problems for you as quickly as possible!

Our stocks include depth buoys with technical foam for a range of depths, and anchor buoys and surface buoys made from materials such as polyethylene, steel, polyurethane and polyester, all in a wide range of sizes.

We have a very extensive stock of dredging hoses. You will find anything you want in the sizes 8, 12, 16, 20 and 24 inches. Should we not have what you need in stock, we can also supply new hoses. We also have the (PE) floats for the hoses in stock. And we can supply pre-used fenders (both solid and pneumatic).

All in all, this is the biggest stock of such second-hand equipment in Europe. We also have various new buoys, coupled ball buoys (for dredgers) and steel anchor buoys in stock.       

You can buy or hire our used equipment!

Visit our pre-used equipment webshop with fenders, buoys and hoases for offshore and dredging projects.

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