Plastics in the creative sector: Foams

Ever since it was established (1990), Maropol has been using foams to shape and strengthen plastic and to protect objects.We use various kinds of foam, not just in the offshore and dredging business but also in the creative sector.

Soft foams

The soft foams are flexible polyetylene foams (PE).The 'memory function of' this material lets the treated object return to its original shape after a collision.Foam in this form is used, for instance, in objects that have to sustain collisions (for example, Splash ride at Duinrell). These foams are also used as soundproofing materials. The foams are available in a range of different densities and degrees of hardness and are expanded in a special oven.

Hard foams

The hard foams (populary known as PUR foams) are generally polyurethane foams. They are also available in a range of densities and with different flammability properties. The PUR foams can be sprayed or moulded into any imaginable shape but they are also available in block or sheet form.

A special mix nozzle lets the foam be sprayed as insulation material between floors and walls. The blocks are used to model images and for 3D milling models.