• Dredging
    Maropol is a concept in the dredging and offshore world. Innovative thinking and solution-oriented work are our main preoccupations.
  • Offshore
    Many Offshore projects are familiar with the plastic solutions of Maropol. Our products can be found all over the world in the dredging and offshore world.
  • Construction
    Plastic constructions are a logical consequence of the enormous improvement and development in the field of plastic. At Maropol we are on top of that.
  • Technical
    Our products and solutions can often be found in the industrial (and technical) sector. It underlines the broad applicability of plastic.
  • Creative
    A special branch of Maropol is the production of art forms. The chance is that you have already come across a Maropol creation in an amusement park, in the city or at the station.

Pasklare oplossingen in kunststof

Janaury 25th and February 8th - Maropol open doors 2014

January 2014 a creative start? The Maropol Group at a glance. The Maropol Gr...
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Used materials at Maropol

You can also contact Maropol to purchase used materials. Dredginghoses, fenders, buoys, floating devices and so on. At our yard in Werkendam and at va...
Used materials at Maropol
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Maropol is fully present on the various social media. With some regularity you will find photos of our plastic solutions, projects and services. Do you want a clear picture of the changed business of Maropol? Follow us on Facebook and Twitter!